Free Baby Samples By Mail


Free Baby Samples By Mail


Free Baby Clubs List of Coupons

Over the last few days I have been going through my archive of bookmarks. I have bookmarked tons of free baby clubs over the last 2 years and nearly every baby manufacture’s website I’ve visited. I check these every so often just to see what kind of new free baby coupons are available.

I have checked website after website to come up with this free baby club list. I know many of you (like me) are simply tired of finding expired offers as well as scam offers for free baby clubs. You should never have to fill out a survey or give credit card information to join one of these clubs so if you find anything like that be wary.


This list however is completely spam and survey free. While some offers may require to fill out additional information about your pregnancy to ensure timely offers you should never have to fill out extensive surveys before receiving any free products. If a company asks you to fill out a survey after you have tried their product it should be up to you whether you choose to participate or not and should never be required.

Some companies have free baby clubs comprised of new product testers. These offers will clearly be labeled as such. They often call themselves a panel or testing team. Trying new products can be fun but occasionally they are packaged with a lengthy survey which I always feel obligated to fill out.

It doesn’t stop me from joining these testing clubs though. No company in this list will ask for money to become a tester. Never pay to test products. If surveys just really aren’t your thing you may want to consider skipping these offers.


Traditionally when joining a free baby club you should expect a few things. The first thing will be a waiting period. Often times these mailing lists take just about forever to get on but once you are on them you should receive monthly newsletters. The second is that may not receive free baby stuff or samples with the first mailing. Depending on how far along in your pregnancy you are you may not receive any free stuff with your first mailing.

If you are early on companies may just be sending you out information at first. Latter on as you start to prepare for your baby’s birth companies will start to send you things like free formula samples and a free diaper bag. Once in full swing, free baby clubs send out tons of great stuff like:

Free baby coupons in the mail as well as printable coupons from e-mailed newsletters. Depending on the company you could be getting free diaper coupons, free baby wipes coupons, or free baby food coupons.


Baby ClubsFree baby samples. Depending on the club companies will send out free baby product samples. By giving you these products for free they hope they will convince you to buy them in the future. Companies may also send out new baby product samples. In these cases the companies aim is to get customer opinions.

Free information as well as coupons for your doctors office. Companies like Similac and Enfamil often give out free coupons for people to take into their doctors office. These coupons can get you great free gift packs full of free baby stuff. Nearly all companies will send you out free information about each stage of your regeneracy.

I actually enjoy reading these newsletters as they are often written by some of the top experts and have all kinds of cutting edge information about baby care and growth.