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Archive for September 2011

Free Samples – Baby Products

I’m about to tell you a secret on how to get the most free samples baby products. You and I both know that companies want your business as a new mom or dad and they know they can get that business if they let you try their baby products for free. The problem is that spammers and people just looking to abuse the system have made it hard for expecting mothers to find these free samples of baby products.

If you have tried over and over to find offers for free baby samples by mail at your local grocery store shelves or possibly online I know your frustration! There is good news however, these offers are out there. This website wants to help you find those offers as well as other local offers. What do I mean by local offers? Well that is the big secret I am about to tell you about.

Every couple of months in most areas there is a baby and kids expo going on. These expositions specifically target new parents and offer them all kinds of free samples, baby products, coupons and entries into contests for free baby furniture and everything! Finding listings is easy just check your local newspaper. If you live in small town that does not have an exposition center you might want to check larger town’s to see what they might have going on. The best part is most of these expositions are free and you will leave with bags full of free baby product samples!

In the meantime there are a good number of offers online which can apply for. Be sure to read all the information when applying and fill it out accurately companies only send free samples, baby products, and coupons to those entries they know to be genuine.

Free Baby Samples by Mail No Surveys

You are going to be hard pressed now days to find any free baby samples by mail no surveys. The reason is because most companies have figured out just how valuable that survey information is to them and that is why they are willing to give away free products. There are some companies however that are wanting to target new parents and expecting mothers with free baby samples by mail without surveys. They know that if they can get a new mom or dad to try their product they are more likely to buy it in future and new parents spend a ton of money now days!

What can you expect when filling out a free baby sample by mail offer? Well most companies do as for some basic information. If you are filling out a form online you will need a valid e-mail address. Even if you decided to opt-out of getting coupons and special offers by e-mail and you only want them by mail you will still need a valid e-mail address. This is to help companies decided which entries are fake and which are real. This also brings us to another point. When filling out your address use your exact address and if possible use your full zip code to speed up shipping on free stuff for babies.

You were probably expecting to have to give some information to sign up for these free baby samples by mail no surveys offers and here’s the catch. Most mailing lists will ask you information regarding your due date. This is because they want to make sure they send you out the coupons you will need at the right stage of your babies growth. You should also know that most companies send out information packets that can be extremely helpful for new parents. Baby companies that make other household products may also send you free samples of those products along with your free baby samples by mail.

About Me…

Hi! My name is Amanda Jane and I am a soon to be mother of two.
My first pregenancy got me some really great free baby samples by mail but I plan on finding every free baby product sample out there this time around.