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Archive for January 2012

Free Formula Sample and Free Baby Gifts from Enfamil

I actually came across this program today when I was calling Enfamil to see if they had any new free sample offers on their customer service line. I haven’t gotten my package yet of coarse but it looks like it has some great stuff! Enfamil claims it comes with +$250 in free gifts and baby formula coupons.

I will definitely be posting a picture of the package when it comes. I am due in November so hopefully they will send it out quickly.

The form is pretty short. I was expecting to have to enroll in there online community but you don’t have to do this. In fact you only have to really give your due date or your child’s age plus shipping information.

This offer is also available to residents of Canada. If you live in Canada you will see a link at the bottom of the form telling you where to go.

  • Free samples of products from the EnfamilĀ® Staged Nutrition line
  • Up to $60 in savings on Enfamil products
  • Monthly emails with expert advice and nutrition information for you and your baby – at every stage of development
  • No Survey. No Sign-Up.
  • No Purchase.

Free Formula Sample and Free Baby Gifts from Enfamil

Free Atkins Samples and Mini Book by Mail

One of my friends suggested this offer to me after she got her three free Atkins Bars, coupons, and mini book. This is a pretty nice offer. Sign up for free and get a free box filled with goodies.

You should always check with your doctor before going on any diet but these free Atkins Bars just might be your ticket to losing some baby weight! I have personally tried the Atkins diet and did lose a considerable amount of weight but it is strict.

  • 3 Free Atkins Diet Bars
  • Free Atkins Quick Start Guide
  • Free Atkins Car Counter Book
  • Free Atkins Coupons
  • No Purchase. No Survey.
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