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Archive for March 2012

Free Formula Samples from Enfamil

free formula samples

Enfamil is at it again! They are giving away free formula samples to new moms. This particular Enfamil free formula sample is only redeemable through your doctors office so you will need to print the coupon. Click on the ‘get sample’ button below and follow the instructions for picking your free formula sample. You can choose between the top three Enfamil formulas for babies with stomach discomfort. Enfamil® Gentlease® , Enfamil A.R.® , and Nutramigen® with Enflora™ LGG®. Each formula sample is made for a specific type of stomach issue so you should consult your doctor before deciding which sample you will want. Some stomach issues may be cause by a medical condition so notifying your doctor if your baby is having stomach trouble before changing your formula should always be done. If you haven’t already joined the Enfamil Baby Club you should find it on our Free Baby Clubs list and sign-up for more Enfamil freebies.


Are Free Baby Sample Offers Real?

I can’t believe how many times a month a hear this question. After all of the time I’ve taken to post photo proof of the free baby samples I’ve received it seems crazy that anyone would doubt free sample proofthat free baby sample offers are real. I mean honestly… Who can say they have never received a free product sample in their life. I do agree that good offers take a bit of time to find these days but blogs like this one and others take out a ton of guess work when it comes to free baby samples.


The problem is that most people end up getting caught up in all kinds of fishing scams and survey websites before finding the real offers. If you have just stumbled on the blog and are looking to get some free baby stuff for yourself you should seriously think about bookmarking this page. We have taken the time to report on all current, valid, spam-free, and 100% free sample offers.


Some people will just want to look for offer on their own. In this case let me give you a bit of advice. Make a list of all the baby manufactures you can think of and check out their sites first. This way you avoid all of those scam offers and survey offers and cut to the meat of where the good offers are. Companies only give away free stuff because they want to gain customer loyalty. If they are trying to give away free stuff for any other reason you may want to consider the companies intentions.


Keeping to the official brand sites will keep you in the clear for a while but if you are looking for more safe searching methods for free baby samples your second stop should be Facebook. Our Facebook fan page Free Baby Samples is a good place to get started. Check out the companies we have liked. These companies have usually given away free stuff in the past. Look up companies you like in particular and make sure you click their fan page ‘Like’ button to stay up-to-date with their feed.


As you search you will find that most of the free baby samples out there are for free formula samples and free baby food samples. Also free diaper samples tend to be popular as well. I believe this is because these products are used frequently and therefor baby companies have more to profit when gaining customer loyalty through the investment of a free baby club.


To check out all the current offers for free baby samples we have on this site, check out our Free Baby Samples category. You can also view current sample offers by type.

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Hi! My name is Amanda Jane and I am a soon to be mother of two.
My first pregenancy got me some really great free baby samples by mail but I plan on finding every free baby product sample out there this time around.