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Archive for April 2012

Finding Cute Affordable Designer Baby Bibs

Now days, with the internet as a shopping resource, you can find some really great deals on all kinds of designer baby bibs. No matter what style you are looking for there are all kinds of affordable options. Even if you are looking for a personalized baby bib for a gift you can easily find what you are looking for online.

The first step in easily finding the best price for your style bib is to know what you are looking for. Bandana baby bibs are extremely popular right now and you can find them in all kinds of designer styles. Where you are looking for a cute design or a funny saying, your sure to find it in a bandana bib style. When searching it is best to limit your search to a bib style and color, theme, or phrase. For example searching for “pink bandana bib skull and cross bones” is going to yield way more specific results than just “pink bandana bib”.

Once you’ve gotten your search down it’s time to compare prices. If you plan on having more than one baby you might want to think about getting a few neutral bibs that can be passed down from boy to girl or vice verse. Most high quality baby bibs are machine washable and durable. If your bib design has plastic lining avoid putting it in the dryer to extend it’s life. I know a few times I’ve been late on the laundry and had to throw one in to the dryer. It won’t kill the bib right off but over use will cause the plastic baby bib lining to crack.

Tips on Checking Baby Gift Card Balances

It’s been about 6 months now since we had the baby shower for Tyler and I sat down today with all of my left over gift cards. I need to order a few more reusable diapers and shirts but I didn’t know which gift cards I had used or which amounts were still left on the ones I had. Just goes to show you how a few minutes of organization could have saved me a morning worth of trouble but I figured if I had a stack of gift card balances to check I’m sure another Mother out there is going through the same trouble and so I decided to write this post.


So the first thing I did was make a spread sheet because I knew things would get confusing quickly. I had about 25 gift cards ( I think a few left from Christmas as well) so I made a column for the store name and then another for a description of the card because I had a few cards to the same stores. Once I had my spread sheet set up I stack up my cards in the order of the spread sheet. I found this great resource site for checking any gift card balance. They have every baby store you can think of there with exact instructions for checking your Baby Gap, Amazon, Babies R Us, or really any baby gift card balance.


Once I had made all the proper phone calls or visited the sites I needed too. I put my balances in as I went along. Because I do a ton of shopping online I am going to try and keep this spreadsheet current. I know for a fact I placed an Amazon formula order last week and I didn’t even know I had $20 left on one of my Amazon gift cards so that just goes to show you how being organized is a money saver!

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Hi! My name is Amanda Jane and I am a soon to be mother of two.
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