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Archive for May 2012

Finding Coupons for Everything

As I’m sure many of my readers understand now, I’m a coupon hound! I can sniff out a good deal just about anywhere around and I want to let you know that there isn’t anything I haven’t tried to get a coupon for lol! It really is a great way to save a ton of money even if it doesn’t seem like a lot at first. It sure does add up quickly.


Recently I found a really good blog which keeps up with all the Electric toothbrush coupons. I do not about you folks but my two boys really enjoy using their electric toothbrushes. It actually makes brushing fun they told me lol. I dunno about all that but I do know they still need new brush heads and they can really get expensive when you are buying for an entire family! I save about an average of $10-$15 on brush heads every 3 months and sometimes even more if I can catch a really good coupon! So in short whether it’s toothbrushes or groceries you can always be looking for quick coupons to save tons of money.

Fashionable and Inexpensive Nursery Room Decorations

As you guys may have noticed, I’ve been doing a ton of posts recently on kid’s room decorations and nursery room decorations. The reason is because … you guessed it! Me and Tom have decided to re-do the kid’s room’s. Honestly there is so much I know now I really wish I would have known before I decorated Chris’s nursery.

I haven’t decided on much of the furniture yet but what I have decided on is wall coverings. I have decided to paint both rooms in bold colors. I think this will suit the boys better as they grow older. The paint I’ve chosen is great because it is completely washable and stain proof. So I know what your thinking, bright color walls are a bit plain.

We’ll I’ve got the perfect solution. Kids Wall Stickers are really the most cost effective way of decorating nursery or kids room walls. The reason is because if you use a high quality long lasting paint you should be able to use it for years but kids grow and their personal styles change so the great thing about wall art stickers is they are completely changeable.

After already having worked with a few detailing products I was a bit skeptical on the ease of actually placing these wall art stickers. We actually have one already in our house over our dinner table that says “Family”. The process wasn’t hard but if you’re still skeptical you should check out this video:

About Me…

Hi! My name is Amanda Jane and I am a soon to be mother of two.
My first pregenancy got me some really great free baby samples by mail but I plan on finding every free baby product sample out there this time around.