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Archive for July 2012

Great Baseball Themed Baby Clothing

Are you a baseball fan? In the Jane family Baseball is a favorite pastime! When I had my second boy we wanted to make sure we had the cutest baby outfits to take our little one to the game in. Finding team branded stuff was a bit hard. I was really only able to find a few baseball themed bibs. One of my girlfriends pointed out a really cute site that has a ton of baby baseball fan gear. Me and my husband spent a few hours looking at all the super cute things we could get for a our smallest baby boy. Not only did they have baseball baby clothing for newborns but they also had a few of the larger sizes as well as toddler. I can’t wait to have a Tigers branded bib for Tyler! It almost makes me want to have another baby! If you just check out all of the categories the site has you’ll see that they also have super cute sporty clothing for baby girls as well. The little cheerleader outfits are just to die for! Whether you are looking for a baseball branded blankie or a cute baseball themed beanie I’m sure you’ll find it at:

Kids Come in All Sizes!

Here’s the thing about buying clothing for children I’ve realized and especially for those of you who have girls. There is no one mold for all girls but yet clothing manufacturers seem to think there is. I can’t understand it 90% of the little girls I know couldn’t fit into some of the stuff they have in the so called “Juniors” department at the local mall. Girls are girls and we shouldn’t be giving them body conscious images like they are full grown women. That is why I really enjoy this new store full of great plus size fashion for little girls. This is such a great website where your little girl can fully explore super cute fashions without having to worry about weather or not it “comes in right size”. The store is called Papanash Kids. I highly recommend browsing around there site with your little girl sometime soon. I was extremely impressed with their fashion and cute styles!

About Me…

Hi! My name is Amanda Jane and I am a soon to be mother of two.
My first pregenancy got me some really great free baby samples by mail but I plan on finding every free baby product sample out there this time around.