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Boy or Girl? Is it possible to choose?

For thousands of years people have been trying to predict the gender of their baby or even influence which gender they will have utilizing all sorts of methods. You may not realize this buy many of the scientific methods for gender selection were based on ancient myths and practices. Just like with our modern day chemically enhanced prescription medication, many of the components and active ingredients origins can be tracked to herbal remedies.

As you all know I am extremely happy with my two boys and we have great fun together but who wouldn’t want Mother doesn’t want a little girl? I recently came across this site which explains a little more in depth the ancient art of Chinese gender prediction. This site claims that by utilizing a number of techniques (conception charts, diet, conception positions). You can check out their interesting charts and more information about Chinese gender charts here:

I am really looking forward to trying out some of this new information as well as doing more research on gender prediction. Me and my husband had decided on having only two children but he knows a so want a little girl! I think if we can limit the possibilities of having another boy he might be more receptive to the idea of having another baby. I think a ton of women have this same isssue or at least would like to be able to deiced the sex of their first baby. While I haven’t tried any of these ideas (we left the first two decisions up to fate) I am really curious to find out what type of success people have had with these types of methods. I am a great believer in ancient and herbal medicine so I know such things have worked in the past for me.

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