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Boys Club of America Honors Don Filipovich of California

When speaking about people who work in the business and financial world, it is important to make sure that the entire focus is not solely on their success as an individual in business. While having the skills to succeed in business is definitely extremely important and worthy of being lauded, it is also important to pay attention to what they do with their success and how they work to improve the lives of those in their community.
Even though Don Filipovich of California has been courting success ever since he started his career as a lawyer with Lehman Bros., he has never forgotten how important it is to repeatedly and continually give back to the community. To this end, the Boys Club of America was proud to honor Don Filipovich of California back in 2007. The reason for this honor is that Don Filipovich of California donated a building so that the organization could operate at a better level than previously. Being able to have adequate space to run a charitable organization is often a problem, as many nonprofits do not have the necessary funds to secure real estate in expensive markets like Nevada and California.
This honor was very important to Don Filipovich, and he still talks about it to this day. It is good to have your works of generosity be recognized, and even though it may be difficult to support nonprofits at times, the rewards are always more than worth the hassle.
With the help of individuals like Don Filipovich of California, Boys Club of America is able to continue their charitable works. To this end, they were proud to honor Don Filipovich as a bulwark of success and generosity when it comes to business and charity. It is extremely important to remember to give back to the community, and Don Filipovich has never forgotten about this no matter how much success he has attained.

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