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Cute Baby Shower Idea

Recently I attended one of my son’s friend’s birthday party. His mother really has some of the best parties I have seen for her kids. She really can think of cute ideas that are fun for the kids as well as the adults. At this particular party she had all of the children’s names printed on fabric party bags. My son thought this was the coolest thing ever. He puts all of his favorite things in there and has carried it to day care on a number of occasions. When I started thinking about all of the ways you can use these bags I was really excited. There are so many baby name games you could play at a shower with them… you can even have different things printed on them for different occasions. Why give the kids a silly plastic bag they are just going to throw away or more likely leave for me to throw away when for just a little bit more the bag can be a party favor in itself and one that the kids will actually useĀ  and not only kids. I can think of a million things to store in a small cotton bag!

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