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Finding Free Baby Samples While Shopping

I was browsing the isles of Babies R Us looking at the new Tommee Tippee baby products while Chris (my 4 year old) was running up and down the isle which drives me a bit batty so I asked him to come stand next to me.

He’s pretty well behaved but his attention span isn’t long. He soon started pulling on a brochure dispenser. When I bent down to stop him my first thought was “What smart person decided to put these so low to the ground?”. When I took the brochure from him I realized it was flier for a semi-local baby formula company. Time and time again I’ve written about finding free baby samples through big brand manufactures because they seem to be the most reliable and easy to find but now I was having second thoughts.

I quickly realized they were advertising a free baby club program for new moms. Unfortunately, I had to send the brochure in instead of getting a convenient website but still I thought “Hey, I’m willing to pay the price of a stamp to get free baby samples and coupons by mail.”. I sent the form in a few days ago so we’ll see if I get anything but I wanted to write this post to remind everyone that you can find free baby samples in a lot of unexpected places. I’ve always checked the grocery store for leaflets but it never occurred to me to be checking the other baby type stores I shop at.

Most of you have already signed up for the free baby clubs I’ve reported on this blog and that really is the best way to get free baby samples without surveys or purchase but it is important to keep in mind the other ways of finding them. While your keeping a look out for brochures and other baby company propaganda also remember to keep an eye out for local trade shows and baby conventions coming up in your area. Your local grocery store and baby consignment shops are a great place to find the dates of these events and also presell tickets.

If you take these few steps you’re sure to double the amount of free baby samples in your mailbox each week.

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