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Free 5 Hour Energy Shot Sample by Mail

Get this great 5 hour energy shot sample for free by mail just by filling out a simple form. The form only asks your name and address along with where to send your free five hour sample by mail. There is one survey question asking how you heard about the sample but that is it. The total form for this free sample by mail should only take you about 3 minutes to sign up. The sample took about 6 weeks to arrive and I am unsure about how long they estimated it would take. So just keep in mind that it will take a while for your free sample to arrive by mail.

It is also important to note that the website warns pregnant or nursing women not to use 5 hour energy. If you are pregnant or nursing you can still apply for the offer and simply wait to use your sample or give it to a friend or family member to try.

This sample also comes with a great post card full of useful information on bulk ordering 5 hour energy. If you have ever bought it in a store you know that it roughly retails for around $2.99. The offers on this card bring the price down to around $1.60 a bottle! There is also an online ordering coupon on the back of the postcard.


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