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How to Get a Free Diaper Bag

There is a bunch of ways to get a free diaper bag. If you haven’t already taken a look at some of the Free Baby Clubs available for you to join you go check them out. Most likely at least one company will be offer a free diaper bag as a bonus to joining their club. Don’t worry these clubs will never cost you anything. Legit baby clubs are offered by baby companies looking to gain customer loyalty all of the time. Just imagine how many sales a company with a ton of products like Johnson’s Baby gains just be securing the loyalty of one customer!


If you are already past your pregnancy I still recommend joining free baby clubs but you might find that the free diaper bag offer is only available to expecting mothers. If you keep checking back with our Free Diaper Bag category you can stay up-to-date with the current free baby diaper bag offers.


If you are still looking for a free diaper bag you might want to think about making one. When I was pregnant with my first son I got into a bad habit of stealing my husbands jeans to wear around the house. They were so comfy the only problem was the legs were too long. Finally one day I decided just to hem up some of his older pairs for myself. Once I had Chris I wasn’t sure what to do with the jeans. They were almost as wide as they were tall! Finally I remembered my grandmother making purses with me when I was a little girl out of all jeans.


The idea is simple. Cut the jeans where the legs split and sew up the bottom. Use the legs to sew a strap and Ta-Da! You have a free diaper bag. Great thing is it has built in side pockets. I used a bit of the legs to make even more pockets for my bag as well.


Free Diaper BagMy Free Diaper Bag Tips

  • Get fancy add a belt on your free diaper bag!
  • Use patches, puffy tee shirt paint, or studs/rivets to add a personal touch to your free diaper bag.
  • Use a leg to make a matching cell phone pouch. Get even fancier and add rivets and a purse hook to attach your pouch to the handle of your new diaper bag. You can get these types of hooks and other metal wear at your local craft store (Micheal’s or Jo-Anns).
  • More detailed instructions for crafting a jean diaper bag here.

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