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Crafts & DIY Projects

Fashionable and Inexpensive Nursery Room Decorations

As you guys may have noticed, I’ve been doing a ton of posts recently on kid’s room decorations and nursery room decorations. The reason is because … you guessed it! Me and Tom have decided to re-do the kid’s room’s. Honestly there is so much I know now I really wish I would have known before I decorated Chris’s nursery.

I haven’t decided on much of the furniture yet but what I have decided on is wall coverings. I have decided to paint both rooms in bold colors. I think this will suit the boys better as they grow older. The paint I’ve chosen is great because it is completely washable and stain proof. So I know what your thinking, bright color walls are a bit plain.

We’ll I’ve got the perfect solution. Kids Wall Stickers are really the most cost effective way of decorating nursery or kids room walls. The reason is because if you use a high quality long lasting paint you should be able to use it for years but kids grow and their personal styles change so the great thing about wall art stickers is they are completely changeable.

After already having worked with a few detailing products I was a bit skeptical on the ease of actually placing these wall art stickers. We actually have one already in our house over our dinner table that says “Family”. The process wasn’t hard but if you’re still skeptical you should check out this video:

Easy Baby and Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Kids grow so fast and ever an overcharging bedroom décor can get a bit expensive. And trust me, your not going to want to wall paper your babies room every few years as their likes and dislikes change. Having that said what can a parent do to tackle this problem? Thinking ahead can provide years of savings when planning a baby nursery or kids room.


Easy Nursery/Kids Room Decorating Tips:

Furniture. Toys come and go but the most expensive fixture of any child’s room is the furniture. When choosing furniture think about the long term. Most nursery furniture gets used rarely as babies don’t sleep in their own room for some time after coming home and even then it wont take the type of beating a toddler could put to it. Think about how each piece of furniture will adapt as your child grows larger. Avoiding furniture that has baby prints or in pastel colors is a good choice. Simple whites, blacks, or bold colors work best for keeping a current style. Now days you can even buy a crib like the StorkCraft Tuscany Crib which changes from crib, to toddler bed, to day bed, to twin bed.

Wall color. Keeping your walls white is going to be troublesome as your child gets older. Choosing a nice washable paint in neutral or bold color will help keep the style current in your nursery. If you haven’t heard, wallpaper is out. The new way to decorate is using vinyl wall decals. Not only do they look super chic you can easily change them out as your child grows into their personality. If you have never used vinyl wall decals don’t worry. They are easier to put up than wall paper. Total prep and application time for an even large decal is less than an hour. I also love how you can personalize these vinyl wall decals.

Flooring. For those of you who have hardwood floors in your nursery you will want to think about picking up an area rug. As babies learn to walk they don’t have best of balance and slipping and sliding on hardwood floors can be dangerous. Even if you have carpet I recommend garbing up a large area rug to protect your carpet. Area rugs can be expensive but you don’t have to spend a ton to get something nice and will save you a ton of money latter by not having to recarepet your nursery. Choose a rug with a neutral style and colors. By keeping away from the rooms main fixtures will ensure you get the most use out of your purchases.


Keep in mind that you can always take your old baby furniture, clothing, fixtures, rugs, and other nicknacks to a resale shop or mommy trade show and trade them up for something more age appropriate but simple planing can remove all that hassle. For more kids room vinyl wall decal ideas as well as some fab pricing check out the Twistmo Etsy Shop!

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