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Baby Showers

Finding a Unique Baby Gift

After having had 2 baby showers myself and thrown three for friends I know what types of gifts seemed to get the most reaction. While getting a nice blanket or baby toy is always nice I have to say there is really something special about receiving personalized baby gifts. I know many of my friends who have received a personalized baby gift feel the same way.


When my first son was born my mother in law gave me a super cuddly blanket with my son’s name embroidered on it. It also had his birth date on it. She gave it to us at the hospital and I remember holding that blanket and thinking about how real it finally all was. I was about to hold my first baby boy in his new blanket (my son still carries it around with him lol). I had a surgical birth so it was a bit easier to determine my son’s birth date but I had already picked out my son’s name by the baby shower so she could have easily just had his name personalized on the blanket as well.


Mother who I’ve spoken with who also received personalized baby gifts had similar experiences. It seems to solidifies the new babies presence and calm the mother.


While a personalized baby blanket is a bit more traditional, now days, you can find just about any baby gift and have it personalized. I have seen some rather cute baby toys personalized as well as personalized rag dolls. The possibilities are endless.


If you are looking for just the right gift to give that you know will be used, treasured, and adored for years to come, I would seriously think about giving a personalized baby gift.

Diaper Cakes & Baby Shower Decoration Tips

Because there are so many new and super cute baby shower themes out there right now I thought I’d bring a few of the super cute ideas back here to the Baby Sample Blog. Finding a unique baby shower theme these days isn’t as hard as you might think and planning for them is way easier now. The internet is literally bursting with unique free baby shower decoration ideas. Whether you are looking for a complete party package or you are looking to DIY with crafts and decorations.

After looking around for a bit I really must say that some of the best baby shower ideas are coming from a combination of party packs and DIY crafts. One of the essential baby shower crafts is building a baby diaper cake or castle.

There are tons of diaper themed center pieces that can be made just search YouTube for some good ideas. Pretty much any diaper cake can be customized to go with any baby shower theme. Just be sure to use diapers and ribbon that complement your color schema.

Here is a quick slide show reel of some really fabulous diaper cake ideas. Depending on the theme of your baby shower you can easily grab up stuffed animals, toys, baby products (i.e. baby powder/shampoo) and other baby related items to act as cake decorations.

If you are really ambitious you might think about making individual table center pieces using some of these unique ideas which utilizes baby clothing:

While searching for baby shower themes to report on I came across one which struck me as super unique. It’s the owl baby shower theme. I have only seen pictures of someone using this theme once but it was so cute. I can’t wait for one of my friends to have another baby so I can throw them and owl themed baby shower.

One other theme I will mention as being super cute for girls is having a monkey baby shower theme. There are so many puns and word plays that could be done with a super cute monkey baby shower theme. I know I’ve also seen party packs available for each of these types of themes which included pretty much everything you need to throw a super awesome baby shower.

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