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Finding the Right Diaper Coupons

Diapers are expensive! There is just no way around it. You need them yet you never want to buy them! I have learned the hard way that finding a good supply of diaper coupons is really the best way to save money on baby supplies. There are a few places I go for coupons. I have joined many of the diaper manufacturer baby clubs. This puts me on all sorts of mailing lists but the problem with this is it can take up to six weeks to start receiving coupons from these types of offers and sometimes I don’t always have the coupon I need when I need it. There are a few coupon sites that allow you to print of selections of coupons but this doesn’t always do the trick either because again the selection is limited to what the manufacturers are offering at the time on that one particular website. Recently I have found that some people have started coupon specific blogs to track different types of coupons. These blogs like report on the latest coupons from a number of different sites. This is sort of like your one-stop-shopping for diaper coupons type site. If you are looking for free diaper coupons I highly recommend checking out what’s available.

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Here is some more money saving opportunists from I can’t express how much I like this site. Not only have I printed coupons there but it is a weekly resource before shopping trips. These coupons are easy to get but they do require that you have a printer hooked up to your computer or in your office/home network. Simply click the check box to each coupon you intend on printing. Once you have selected all of the ones you need you can then hit the print button. This will either automatically print your coupons or require you to download a simple program which detects your printer type and paper size. The program takes all of about 2 seconds to install and run and it completely safe! Trust me you’ll use this site tons so bookmark it before you are done for future free baby coupons.

  • $3.00 Off (2) packages of Huggies Little Movers Slip-Ons.
  • $1.50 Off Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry Diapers.
  • 100% Free Coupons.
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