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Munchkin.Com is giving away free baby music downloads of their Musical Soup(TM) Mozart Wombsong Collection and Musical Soup(TM) Mozart for Toddlers Collection for free. Each collection is separated by play time music, wake up music, and sleep time music. Download each album entirely or select songs for download individually.


While the jury is still out on what effects playing music for your unborn baby has, most experts agree that music can help relax and calm Mothers. Playing music for toddlers however has been proven to be very calming. Children develop connection in their brain when they are younger. Some experts say that young children who aren’t exposed to music at an early age may never make certain connections in their brain. It has been speculated that these missed connections could be related to learning disabilities. For more information on what facts there are about playing music for your unborn baby you can visit an interesting and unbiased article at BabyCenter.Com.


For now I suggest you consider downloading these free baby mp3s as soon as possible. Who knows how long they will be allowing you to download the free baby music. The collection is pretty good and I like to listen to it around the house as I’m cleaning. It also clams my older son (3) to sleep every night.

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Free Baby Bottles and How to Make Baby Bottle Covers

There are several ways to find free baby bottles online and at trade shows/baby conventions. The first and fastest way to find free baby bottles is by joining free baby clubs and signing up for free baby product samples. You can find a list of the baby clubs we recommend in the Baby Clubs category. You can also see current offers in the Free Baby Bottles category.


Formula and baby food companies are always looking to give away free baby bottles because not only can they gain customer loyalty but they also have a great opportunity to get some brand recognition. Also many baby formula companies also make baby bottles. By giving you free baby bottle samples the company has a great opportunity to show you how great their product is in hopes of you buying more.


I also recommended that you check out some baby trade shows and conventions. These shows are a super great opportunity to pick up free baby samples and coupons. Traditionally you will be given a bag at the convention to carry all of your free baby stuff in so don’t worry about having to carry around all of the stuff. Do be sure to make sure you have enough time to visit every booth. Some booths and baby vendor’s tables will be packed and you may want to come back to them so make sure you keep note. Normally if a booth is packed it means they having a presentation and that means free stuff!


If you have applied to all of the free baby clubs and free baby bottle offers here and there isn’t any baby shows going on soon you might want to think about calling up your friends. Baby bottles are pretty durable and if cleaned properly should carry no germs. You will want to replace the baby bottle nipples however. If you have gone through and applied to the free baby clubs here chances are you will be getting all kinds of coupons for baby bottles and coupons for baby bottle nipples.


Old baby bottles tend to start looking a bit ragged after awhile. If you are looking for free baby bottles because your old ones are on the dingy side you might think about this neat idea…. Cover your old baby bottles with shrinkable cast covers. I found this great idea on YouTube: Shrinkable Baby Bottle Cover


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My first pregenancy got me some really great free baby samples by mail but I plan on finding every free baby product sample out there this time around.