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Free Baby Photo Contest & Photography Tips

There has been a ton of baby photo contests recently and as a mother of two I know that I have a TON of super cute baby photos already just siting on my computer. The idea that I can win money or prizes for simply clicking the upload button is amazing to me!

Today I wanted to tell you gals about a new baby Photo Contest I found with Free entry and the monthly prize is $2,500! Just by entering they give you $1! I know many of the companies use these photos for advertising and commercials. Wouldn’t that be neat to see my baby in an advertisement? Anyways if you have some photos check it out! Cute Baby Photo Contest

If you need to take some photos… These baby photography tips will really help!

When photographing babies and toddlers, the room should be relatively free of distractions, people and “objects” other than the ones to actually help you. If you are a professional photographer, you may find that Parents in the same room can be more of a pain sometimes than not being there. If they are there they should be in back some and in a darker area. If the child is seeing them all the time they may not respond to you as you may like. Have light but sudden noise makers, clickers, kazoos or similar items to get their attention. If possible, have a helper off to the side with some as well to get the child to look that way. Pets or animals such as puppies, kittens, rabbit, chickens, etc… can and do work, but animals and kids will most likely cause you more grief.

Camera Choice is another factors to consider when photographing babies and toddlers. For formal portrait photography, DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are the best choice since they don’t have the slow “shutter lag” and the typically slow focusing times like Point & Shoot cameras. Use relatively fast, medium telephoto lens to prevent facial feature distortion caused by wide angle lenses. For casual photography, Point & Shoot cameras are just fine. The cameras included on some of the newer smartphones produce surprisingly good photos too. If you are interested in submitting your child’s photos to amateur photo contests, a smartphone with a 5MP (or higher) camera is probably all you will need. Most Cute Baby Photo Contests as well as baby and toddler modeling agencies are not looking for super professional, expensive portrait portfolios. Casual photos shot with a Point & Shoot camera or a smartphone are all you will need 99.9% of the time.

Lighting can make or break your photography session. If done correctly it can greatly enhance the overall product. When lighting is not under control, it can be your worst enemy and time waster. You need to spend some time learning how to light portrait. The following is a helpful link with lighting examples.
For most amateur photography of children, this information is helpful as a point of reference, but shouldn’t weigh you down with the thought that you cannot photograph your child without an array of expensive lighting equipment. Sometimes incidental lighting and an amateur eye can produce stunning pictures.

After you have the right tools and know a little about how to use lighting, you should spend some time practicing with the various basic lighting techniques as well as how to direct, distract, and get the attention of your photographic subjects.

Finally…The best time to photograph kids is either after they have had a hard morning of playing and a nap OR about 30 minutes after a full meal. That is when they tend to be the calmest. For babies, what usually works best is to pick a time when they are not too tired or over-stimulated, then getting their attention with something fun and colorful, which can help quite a lot – early mornings usually work best, but you may have to experiment with various times of day. There are no true “cut & dried” methods. It is best to work quick, and try and catch them being natural. It is like trying to do cat photography….there is only so much you can do. Kids will be kids. The main thing is to have fun!

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