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Workout Reviews

10-Minute Trainer Customer Review

Are you stuck still trying to lose that last 10 maybe 15 lbs? 10-Minute Trainer could be your answer. Have you been getting on the treadmill or going to the gym to no avail? It happens with a lot of people. They get down to a certain weight and then they plateau. The reason is because your body becomes acclimated to the workout and it no longer needs to strain to finish the actions.


If you have been losing weight most likely you are already on a cardio workout. Most people understand that cardio workouts are defined by raising your heart rate for an extended period of time and is highly effective at shedding pounds but not as good at toning muscles. What a lot of people don’t know is that to sustain even long lean muscles (women) or big bulky muscles (med) you burn more calories on a daily basis. This is why after weight loss you need to tone your body. This well help you maintain your weight, drop more weight, as well as shape up. Toning can be used as targeted weight loss for small amounts of weight and that is why I highly recommend checking out the 10-Minute Trainer once you have reached a plateau in your weight loss or if you only have 5-10 pounds to lose.


What I truly love about the 10-Minute Trainer is that you can use it for just about anything and because it’s only 10 minutes it’s easy to squeeze into a busy schedule. At one point in my own life I was rather large I never considered exercise as a way to lose weight because I never thought I could get on a treadmill and run for 30 minutes. What I know now is that just by doing a few minutes of physical activity a day your body becomes acclimated quickly and even though you are carrying extra weight you can easily achieve any workout length with out feeling like you are going to die lol just by acclimating your body to it slowly.


Don’t use the excuse that 10-Minutes can’t help you get into better shape because 0 minutes (which is what most people do) is detrimental to your health. Tony Horton (the trainer who put together 10-Minute Trainer) is considered to be a god in some peoples eyes. After creating P90X and convincing thousands of people to drastically change their life style he is bringing us a product that can help maintain those results as well as make it easier for new people to make time for fitness in their lives.

Pros Cons
  • Not as intense of a workout
  • Not super impressed with the On-The-Go Workout Cards in the Bonus

Brazil Butt Lift Customer Review

Ok so what mom wouldn’t want a great looking butt? How many have actually tried a workout routine meant to sculpt those rear muscles? I’ll beat not a lot. Really until I heard about the Brazil Butt Lift I’d never seen an entire workout routine focused around sculpting and toning your butt. Maybe a few rumors about Kim Kardashian’s trainer revealing all but nothing every became of it. The Brazil Butt Lift workout routine however, has been around for a few years now and is still attracting a wide audience (especially moms).


First off I wanted to mention that the Brazil Butt Lift is a Beach Body product. Team Beach Body has been snatching up the most talented trainers and creating workout routines from their privet courses for years now and I’ve never seen a bad one. You know you are getting a good product with the Beach Body name on it. Beach Body is also known for making complete workout kits. So whether you are looking to use the Brazil Butt Lift program for just toning or you are looking to lose a few pounds this kit will come with a tape measure, results tracking chart, and meal planning guide so you can achieve your goals. I also wanted to mention the product’s creator Leandro Carvalho. Leandro Carvalho has a background in creating unique workout routines using dance. This helps his clients stay motivated and have fun while working out he explains.


Most people will notice right away the vast change of training methods used in each DVD workout. The reason this is is because most personal trainer realize the benefit of muscle confusion. By working different muscle groups and consistently changing your workout training methods will reduce your chance of plateauing. Most of these workout’s are done on your feet. It is important to remember that when doing a leg workout on your feet your only resistance is your body weight. This is good for toning muscles. Even when Lendro Carvalho has you start using the resistance bands it is more about low resistance and more repetition for toning and tightening muscle groups as opposed to building them.


All in all I think the Brazil Butt Lift is a great product and is sure to help you achieve a great butt as well as get your workout routines back on track after a pregnancy. If you are also looking to combine this workout for a total body toning workout I would recommend having a look at the 10-Minute Trainer.


  • While it helps to tone abs it doesn’t focus on them
  • Meal plan is great for beginners but lacks in overall choices
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