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Money Saving Tips

Where to Buy Cute Maternity Ware & a Free Baby Registry Tip

Writing to you gals today to tell you about a wonderful opportunity to support a great business as well as save 10% on some really cute baby products and maternity ware! Haute Mommies & Bella Babies is a mother and maternity store which features some of the best baby products online. They carry a number of brand you will probably recognize such as Little Giraffe, Pixie Lilly, Hatley and many more. They really stood out to me because of they carry Maternal America and that is one of the only brands that will fit me while pregnant plus their stuff is supper cute lol. Currently you can save 10% off your order by entering the code “HMandBBsave10”. Expecting mothers will also be happy to know that they have a baby registry! After checking out all the fashionable baby and maternity ware they carry you will definitely want to set up a registry. Don’t forget to tell your guests the savings code too!


Baby Registry Tip: When I did my registry I only requested 1 diaper bag which I got but I have bought about 5 more since. It just seems you can never have enough of these because they take a ton of abuse! Remember to ask for more than one bag. You can also never get enough of these items: bibs, diapers, pacifiers, blankets, wipes, and rattles/teething rings. You could only ask for these items and not get enough lol. While having the fancy crib and changing table is nice it might be time to get realistic!

Baby and Parenting E-Books

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I was just catching up on some reading. Me and my husband have honestly been thinking about having a third baby! Can you believe it? I just had my second and he is already waiting for me to have a third! Well I kind of do agree with him. I also wanted to have all our children relatively close together. For this next baby though I know we are both hoping for a girl. Just think about all the free baby samples I know about now!


Enough about me I wanted to talk to you gals about something else today. Over the weekend I ran into a really great information resource. If you haven’t already read it, it’s the My First Baby E-book. This book has been around for years and I have to admit it has some really great information. The wonderful thing about this baby book in particular is that it is a PLR book or a Private Label Rights book which means that if you buy it you are free to share it, sell it, change it, or distribute it any way you please. One of my girlfriends bought a copy a few months back for her baby. She decided to load it into her word processor so that she can add notes to it and print it out for reference latter. I suggested she save it and pass the file down to her daughter so she can add her own notes!


Anyways If you haven’t already read it I highly recommend it and the other great titles about babies, parenting, kids and a wealth of other topics at: They are also giving away three free e-books when you visit their site!

About Me…

Hi! My name is Amanda Jane and I am a soon to be mother of two.
My first pregenancy got me some really great free baby samples by mail but I plan on finding every free baby product sample out there this time around.